Obliterate *Anything* That Stands In Your Way!

That’s the promise (the title of this post) from a new book I want to tell you about. But, first, a big “Thank You” for all the participation in our latest post. There were lots of interesting comments about the WikiLeaks ordeal, as it relates to more and more government intrusion, and the post sparked several […]

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Mastering Mind Technology

Yesterday we told you about an interview that we were going to release today — a rare free full-length recording  — that delves into brain science and how you can unleash your inner GENIUS (yes, that’s an acronym… find out what it means in the interview). Join me as I speak with Dr. Patrick K. […]

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Are You a ‘Responsibility’ Addict?

In light of some of the confusion and surface-level teachings going on about the “responsibility game” (as in how far you should take your need to be responsible for everything that you see, feel, and experience), let’s start by analyzing, and putting deeper meaning, around this belief: “Most people have no idea what responsibility means… […]

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Robert Ringer sent out a pretty amusing FIRST paragraph on his “Voice of Sanity” newsletter today. Funny because it reminded us of precisely how there can be such black and white dissonant beliefs when it comes to HOW writing about self-empowerment and spiritual-growth SHOULD be. While we don’t mind being ostracized by some of our […]

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( Part 2 ) — Manifesting’s Grand Conspiracy

This is Part 2 of our Manifesting’s Grand Conspiracy Series. To read Part 1, click here. We were watching our favorite TV Dog Trainer, Cesar Millan, last night. Because of his understanding of psychology and the dynamics of “energy”, he is able to teach his clients to see their own self-defeating behaviors when dealing with […]

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( Part 1 ) — Manifesting’s Grand “Conspiracy”

Before we get into this article, we’ll go out on a limb and say: The tool — the LWL Tools Post #5 TOOL… that one Barry teased you with in the last video — it is a coming your way this week. Promise! 🙂 It turned out, however, due to a lot of interesting prompts […]

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( Guest Article ) – How to Get Where You Want to Go

Here’s some incredibly useful, easy-to-implement-now guidance, from a true genius of the mind and super-achiever, Roy H. Williams. It’s called the 7 Step Secret To Success and it has my commentary interspersed throughout the steps. Just click the “continue reading” link to enjoy its power…

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( Guest Article ) — How to Command More Luck

Aah, St. Patrick’s Day. The day when the “luck o’ the Irish” smiles upon us all. But what is luck, exactly? And why do successful people repeatedly say they don’t believe in luck… and yet they tell stories of “coincidences”, “synchronicity”, “out-of-the-blue opportunities” or “magical occurences” that, to the average person, just add up to […]

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How To Attain Mind Mastery

Mind Mastery can only be achieved if you know the Truth, and live your life every day with that truth in the forefront of your awareness. You can not master your mind if you’re a victim, if you hate, if you judge, if you “should on” others (or yourself, or the Universe) or if you […]

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Two Ways to Get Whatever You Want in 2008 !

1 down (almost)… 11 more to go. Ready to lead ? One month, in this new year, has almost come and gone… Did you lead your life during the first 4 weeks of 2008, or did you float through wondering if you have any major affect on your experiences? In the quest to get everything […]

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