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shamrockAah, St. Patrick’s Day. The day when the “luck o’ the Irish” smiles upon us all.

But what is luck, exactly? And why do successful people repeatedly say they don’t believe in luck… and yet they tell stories of “coincidences”, “synchronicity”, “out-of-the-blue opportunities” or “magical occurences” that, to the average person, just add up to plain old LUCK?

Yes, some people say that LUCK is actually an acronym for Laboring Under Correct Knowledge. But usually when we label something a “lucky break”, there was not a lot of “labor” involved. So perhaps a better acronym would be Living Under Correct Knowledge.

Because really, luck (and synchronicity, and amazing opportunities) are all about how we approach life.

It’s all about what we think, feel and do on a day-to-day basis… that one day just adds up to BOOM! A “lucky break”!

Just like it takes many years to make an “overnight success”, it also takes time to make a “lucky break” — even if in the small picture perspective, it seems to have happened suddenly. In the big picture, things that seem “sudden” really never are.

For a hard-hitting example of this, we’d like to share a guest article with you today.

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Mrs. Suzuki Just HATED to Wait
by Charles Burke

She was an impatient person, they said.

Everybody who worked with Mrs. Suzuki agreed that she was always in a hurry. And she especially hated to wait for the elevator.

Shinjuku train station, where she worked in a small kiosk, is one of the busiest spots in Tokyo, and in the world. Between two and three million people pass through the station each day, so sometimes the elevators can take a while to arrive.

Of course, Mrs. Suzuki was a hurry-up kind of person anyway. She did everything quickly and efficiently, because there was always so much to do in such a busy setting.

At about 9:00 on the morning of October 4th 1997, witnesses say that she hurried over to the elevator, pushed to the front of the small crowd of waiting people, and repeatedly pressed the already-lit Down button.

As always, she hated waiting for the elevator.

But on that morning, unlike every other morning, she got her wish.

When the bell rang and the doors began to part, she quickly pushed her way in.

And discovered that the elevator had not arrived yet.

She fell to her death.

Witnesses say Mrs. Suzuki made no sound as she fell. They only heard the meaty thump when her body hit bottom. So we don’t know what she was thinking as she fell.

We don’t know if she was elated that — finally — she hadn’t had to wait for the elevator to arrive. Or she may have realized, too late, that all her impatience was merely a way of wishing for reality to somehow be different.

We don’t know any of that. We only know she was so occupied with getting to her next objective that she forgot to do a reality check on the way.

Many of the errors we make during the day are easily correctable. Occasionally, however, life presents us with the opportunity to make a really big change. Sometimes that big change can be a big mistake. Something we won’t walk away from. But we usually get those kinds of “opportunities” only if we absolutely, bull-headedly insist.

We may believe the axiom that thoughts have power, but how responsible are we in the application of that power? How carefully do we select our thoughts?

Life (or our higher self, guardian angel, God, the universe) usually leaves a little slack between our wishes and what we get.

But once in a while, life just goes ahead and gives us exactly what we’ve been insisting upon.

The power that we all have to turn thoughts into reality is a wonderful gift. And life, through this gift, blesses us richly every day.

Sometimes, however, we may practice a blind, inflexible insistence that “I want things this way, and this way ONLY!”

It’s true that this is a flexible, malleable universe — more flexible than we can ever imagine — but everything, including irresponsibility, has a price. That price changes constantly.

Luckily, the price is usually fairly manageable.

But now and then the price jumps wildly up or down. And when that happens, doors open magically. Sometimes even elevator doors.

People say: “Be careful what you wish for; you might get it.” I would add: be careful HOW you wish.

Because, when that door DOES open, whatever is on the other side is directly related to the long-term trend of your own thoughts, feelings and spiritual input.

What do you spend your time wishing for — all those little wishes that, together, make up the trend of your daily thinking?

Please… don’t waste your wishes on elevators. Because sometimes the price changes, and doors open magically.


Command More LuckCharles Burke is the author of “Command More Luck“, a book offering powerful suggestions for getting more cooperation from life, luck, and your own mind, especially in uncertain times.

Whether you call it synchronicity, serendipity, or just plain old luck, you CAN become more “naturally lucky.”



Charles Burke started life decidedly “unlucky”… one of those guys who could have 3 or 4 flat tires in a day and not think anything of it, because it was the experience he was used to.

He turned it all around, discovered what luck truly means to the most successful people in the world… and became one himself (realizing that his preconceived ideas of luck were no longer valid).

His e-book, Command More Luck (which comes with 7 bonus advanced reports), is an utter steal at less than $40.

And while it may seem we’re talking in circles slightly, by prompting you to get Charles’ e-book (after all… didn’t we tell you to STOP improving your life in the last blog post?), we can promise we’re not out to confuse you.

Here’s the finer message behind yesterday’s title: it is actually NOT about stopping so much as it about understanding that life gets better, and wisdom sinks in DEEPER, when you learn to treat yourself better.

Whether that means taking bigger breaks, forking out money for weekly massages, or karate-chopping your own self-sabotaging habits, LIVING still means being fascinated with LIFE, but doing it from a place of child-like amusement, instead of professor-like sincerity:

When it comes to experiencing the Midas touch (your own way of being in the flow with all that you do), it can’t happen when you’re so consumed in the details of “spiritual law” that you feel anything outside of what you’ve ALREADY studied, or immersed yourself into too intensely, is hog-wash.

How do you KNOW that what you’ve read, studied or learned is true?

The best way we know is to look at the results… and whether those results have you living the life you truly desire.

And by the same token, how do you KNOW what luck is — or what it can be to you?

Where has luck (good, bad, ugly or otherwise) played a role in your life lately?

So many people seem to think luck is something that happens by random chance — that it can’t be created or controlled.

But, the slimy rub on that false premise is usually one sour plate of denial and a convenient crutch for not wanting to put in the investment (time, energy, and/or money… after all, it’s easier to watch T.V., isn’t it?) for understanding the raw invisible power that can take us from mediocre to magnificent manifestors.

This book, without question, will put it in a whole NEW perspective for you, and most likely will allow you to start feeling the energetic little leprechaun hiding inside you.

So the next time you feel like you’re rushing through life, not doing reality checks, not stopping to appreciate the breezes or smell the roses, and thinking you’re actually Laboring Under Correct Knowledge because that’s what you’ve been taught your whole life… take a step back.

Figuratively — from the chaos you’ve created so you can see the order in it — AND literally — from the edge of the elevator shaft, so you’re engaging life with eyes wide open.

Your Partners in the Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

Barry and Heather


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  1. How lucky I am to be the first to comment. It’s one in the morning and I am just coming out of the blue room…were you there?

  2. Great article…

    I don’t believe in luck at all… I do believe in bringing into your life that which you focus on. It may not happen the way you plan or expect it to happen… but sure as God made little green apples, what you predominantly think about, focus on and put your attention on will manifest in your life.


  3. Jeanne,

    Glad to see your comment, as always ( being a consistent, predictable, reliable commenter is what sets you apart here at LWL ).

    We think you’ll find by listening to the 3 1/2 minute audio clip, displayed at the TOP of Charles’ website ( follow the link right below the picture of his book), and reading our commentary a little more closely, that we fall right in line with this statement too:

    “I don’t believe in luck at all….”

  4. I believe in LUCK so strongly, that I:
    included a chapter in my book,
    teach a workshop,
    and have an entire section on my website,
    all dedicated to Attracting Luck.

    I even feature Barry & Heather as one of the resources for inspiration!


  5. I’ve always had the premise that “luck” was merely Opportunity aligning with Awareness (again, something of a ‘flow’ nature?). That, since Awareness is by its nature, dynamic and Opportunities are always “there”.

    Maybe “luck” has something to do with whether we’re really “aligned” (or prepared/ready?) with an opportunity…


  6. I guess I believe in luck, depends on the definition though. If luck is what randomly happens by “coincidence”, then no way. I know better than that.

    If luck is what you can control and consciously bring into your life, sure. Yes way.

    Thanks for a great blog post!

  7. stimulating and encouraging and makes me aim higher

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