What Would You Do if Your Income Disappeared?

Guest Post: By Simon Black What Would You Do if Your Income Disappeared? Would you be prepared? Do you have a plan? In the Age of Turmoil, many income sources that were considered ‘stable’ in the old system will be at risk; this includes retirement pensions, investment income, salaries and wages, and small business profits. […]

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Winners… and… 7 Steps To Freedom

We’d venture to guess that a small portion of our readers glanced at this blog’s title and thought we said “Whiners” — we wouldn’t blame them, either, if that’s the word they saw. After all, we could pass along at least five head-shaking stories a week of people in the news, our local town, and […]

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( Video ) – You’ve Been Conditioned to ‘Play it Safe’!

♦ ♦ ♦ It can be a crazy world out there at times — a world driven by crowd-thinking, political correctness, and philosophical nonsense that is bombarding you to “fit in.” If it’s not conservative religious groups trying to regulate and control morality, it’s human rights activists going overboard to the point of trumping common […]

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(( Video )) — Yes, We Do Indeed Need Another HERO!

This is NOT going to be one of those torrid, long, rant-filled blog posts that often come about when we see and hear about things that flat out deserve some “WTF wisdom”. No, dear reader, there’s enough comical grade-school romper room antics to go around these days that we’ll save it for another time. Some […]

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What Are You Going To Do Differently in 2009?

It’s 2009. Another “New Year”. And that only means one thing around these parts!… … Starting the first week off by coming up with some thoughtful answers to this straight-forward question: “What Are We Going to Do Differently in 2009?” And, dear fine reader, while it might be fun, entertaining (and even a tad masochistic) […]

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Just When You Think People Couldn’t Get Any Dumber…

Part of what we like to do here on this blog — when we’re in the mood to stir up some good ole fashioned head-shaking emotion — is highlight stupidity ! You know… those parts of the human psyche / brain that either a) just don’t question things because they only see life in Black or White mode, […]

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