The Big (“Poor Me”) Gamble

I didn’t set out with a desire to create a post about a topic so dispiriting — so head-shakingly disgusting — to start off the week. Nope, actually… instead, Heather and I were thinking about creating a poll around the very inspiring subject of “money multiplication” — as in, growing the digital ‘fiat’ cash in […]

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The Thought Police Adore WikiLeaks

Barry’s preface: I can already see the writing on the wall — ah, I mean in our support desk. Whenever we choose to highlight a subject that is… oh… not so fun, not so feel-good, not so ______ (fill in the blank with anything a person who wears rose-colored-glasses would presume our Life Without Limits […]

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Do-Gooder Environmentalists

Being that there was a delusional idiot in Maryland, who until moments ago was holding several Discovery Channel workers hostage because he felt the T.V. network wasn’t interested in his view on how to “save the planet,” I think this is a good time to revive a rant. As I briefly mentioned in my prior post, […]

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Puking Your Power Away

We’ve talked about this before, but we think it’s high time we brought it up again… especially since a counterpart of ours (a personal development products marketer) just sent out the following email: “I’m not sure if you know this about me but I try to avoid watching or reading the news as much as possible. […]

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Self-Help’s Dirty Secrets (Investigative Report)

♦  ♦  ♦ A friend of ours told us how when he was first coming out of the depths of  ‘self-help’ over-consumption, over 20 years ago, he came across a wise old man. The man, who felt his plight — the almost uncontrollable desire to study and immerse himself in the secrets of the universe […]

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Holy @#$%… we saw a GHOST!

Something a tad eerie and unexpectedly shocking happened to us last night. The Ghost of Self-Denial and Delusion — past, present, and future — visited us at midnight, just as we finished our last swig of Svedka — one of Heather’s go-to celebratory Vodka brands (yup, we had an occasion to down a shot, each, […]

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“The Best Job In The World”… Or ?

Okay, at first glance, this little dazzler looks enticing. Ya know, getting paid a sweet 6 figures, in 6 months, for being an Island Caretaker. Buuuut, the rub is, it’s still a J-O-B! Sure, if your entrepreneurial itch won’t get out of control and turn into a rash for LOOKING at a J-O-B, go ahead […]

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