Overcoming Fear (or Whatever Else Holds You Back)

We all have fears. It’s just a natural part of life, and they’re meant to keep us safe.

But we don’t need to have irrational fears, or fears that hold us back, or fears that stop us from living normal, everyday lives.

Those types of excessive, paralyzing fears are not keeping us safe — they’re putting us in more danger.

Whenever I’m dealing with a fear, or a limiting habit — or anything else that stems from a subconscious level and gets in my way on a real-world level — I look for the most powerfully effective solutions.

Often, the best way to tap into the subconscious mind is to go deep with tools such as meditation, or even hypnosis.

But just shutting your eyes and relaxing isn’t going to help much when it comes to really solving problems.

So how can you do that effectively?

One of the best places to get quality audio programs for self-hypnosis — on just about any issue you can think of — is Hypnosis Downloads.

They have over 700 audios available that focus on both broad and specific topics.

If you’re not doing what you want to do, or if you are doing what you don’t want to do, there’s probably a hypnosis audio to help you change the pattern (and at very little cost).

Let’s get back to fears, because — as I mentioned at the top of this post — we all have them, and they often cause stumbling blocks that keep us from accomplishing what we could.

You can get audios that will help you overcome intangible classics like the fear of failure, or the fear of success, and tangible classics like a fear of flying, a fear of heights, or stage fright.

Then there are those for relationship-based fears, like a fear of commitment, rejection or abandonment… and interpersonal fears, like a fear of authority or confrontation.

You can also find help for fears of creepy-crawlies, like germs, bees, spiders and snakes. Or furry friends, like cats and dogs. Or health professionals, like doctors and dentists.

What if you have a more obscure fear, like a fear of numbers of a fear of the phone? No worries, you can undergo hypnotherapy for those too.

Some of these fears might hit close to home, while others are so foreign to you that they seem odd… but since phobias are the result of a fear response being falsely attached to something that wasn’t really scary in the first place, they can be associated with a lot of different things (trust me, I’ve only scratched the surface here).

The good news is, they can be fixed.

One particularly debilitating fear, especially these days, is a fear of poverty. It makes you blind to opportunities around you, and wrecks your ability to think clearly and make rational decisions.

It fulfills its own prophesy by causing you to make dumb mistakes that will lose you money.

And while many fears will bring about understanding or compassion from others, this is one the media often plays on.

Yeah, they want to push you further into the fear instead of helping you overcome it.

So when the economy is in the doldrums, like it is now, you’ll hear a lot of reports about how America is going down the tubes (mixed in with pseudo-uplifting false stories about how unemployment rates are going down, just to keep you in a comfortable rut where you’re frightened enough to do what you’re told, but not frightened enough to engage in mass panic).

Removing your fear of poverty can help you sort through this type of misinformation by looking at it with a critical eye.

But just ridding yourself of a fear of something isn’t going to stop that thing from happening… it’s only going to reduce your triggers and change your typical reactions.

So not being afraid of poverty won’t stop you from being poor (in any areas of your life). If you really want to prosper regardless of what’s happening in the economic world around you, there’s another step to take.

That step is to find the opportunities that can grow your money — where you put in a little bit, and get much more back — in weeks (or maybe months) rather than years.

You might think that part is pretty easy… but if it was, wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

The fact is, since so many people fear losing money, and crave having more of it, it’s easy pickings for unscrupulous people who like to prey on the weak.

Then again, it’s also an area that causes people to yell “scam!” at even the most legitimate resources, just because it’s different (and therefore they perceive it as “too good to be true”).

So knowing what’s what — what’s real, what’s hype, what’s possible, what’s impossible — is the crucial key that makes the difference between success and failure.

You can find that key through a lot of due diligence, trial and error. But it’s a steep learning curve that can be very expensive to climb.

Luckily, there’s help for that, too.

If you want some guidance in navigating the stormy waters, so you can start enjoying your own work-free passive income (yes, it still is possible), read this open letter from one of our business partners who will show you the possibilities.

And enjoy overcoming your fears, moving ahead, and opening new horizons.

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Living a Life Without Limits,

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