Bringing ___(?) To Billions?

Our first thought was to just ask you to read what the ever-so-out-of-touch The Secret founder wrote below, and then just write: “Any Questions?” You know, like that old commercial: “This is your brain on drugs…” The idea was to provide an element of rhetorical energy around why we do we what we do… which […]

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The “Pursuit of Happiness” Can Cause Unhappiness

You know, besides watching The Amazing Race or Entourage every Sunday night (with a big bowl of popcorn) with my partner-in-crime (the also amazing Heather), there’s nothing more exciting than helping folks wrap some grounded “common sense” around some pretty esoteric, deeply cerebral topics. Just talking about (or pontificating on) any aspect of “manifestation” applies […]

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Magical Rose-Colored Glasses — Video Proof

First off, I gotta tell ya… it’s unusual — very unusual — that we go over 2 weeks without a new post. Yet, we figured that what we’re doing at the moment in private (picture us behind the black curtain putting the final touches on a very useful and usable new product), will make up for […]

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Self-Help’s Dirty Secrets (Investigative Report)

♦  ♦  ♦ A friend of ours told us how when he was first coming out of the depths of  ‘self-help’ over-consumption, over 20 years ago, he came across a wise old man. The man, who felt his plight — the almost uncontrollable desire to study and immerse himself in the secrets of the universe […]

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