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Yesterday I asked you if you’d ever searched in vain for the right thing to say, or blurted out the wrong thing and then regretted it.

And of course, the answer was yes… we’ve all done that. And some people do it on a regular basis.

But I also told you about a fantastic resource I’d been using that spells out what to say in common situations, what words never to say, and what other major communication mistakes you might be guilty of.

And that resource is called Magic Relationship Words by Susie and Otto Collins.

Susie and Otto are relationship coaches that Barry and I have both interviewed, separately, and talked on the phone with numerous times. They’re grounded, they focus on tools you can really use, and they understand how the metaphysical and physical worlds come together around relationships.

So now you don’t have to worry about what to say or how to say it to your spouse, partner or lover ever again… because you can start using these Magic Relationship Words in just a few minutes.

You can even use these techniques on friends, family, co-workers, and more… people in any type of “relationship” with you, in fact.

Their flagship “Magic Relationship Words” book has 101 magic words, phrases and sentence starters that you can start using immediately to say it right, every time.

What will learning these “magic relationship words” do for you?

One person who just saw them said… “If I learn how to use these words, my husband and I will have had our last argument.”

We believe they can work miracles in your relationship or marriage too.

Because if you use these magic words when you talk to your spouse or partner, you will be able to:

~ Build or rebuild trust
~ Reduce or eliminate jealousy
~ Improve communication
~ Increase connection
~ Create more passion and intimacy both in and out of the bedroom
~ AND Much More…

These words will truly affect your communication skills, which can in turn determine the quality, happiness and connection in all your relationships.

They can make the difference between whether someone opens and listens to you, or closes up, gets mad or just ignores you.

And besides the “Magic Relationship Words” book, you’ll also get:

>> “21 Words, Phrases and Sentence-Starters That You Should NEVER Say to Your Partner, Spouse or Lover”

>> “The Top 10 Communication Mistakes People Make in Their Relationships… and What to Do About Them”

>> Two special “Magic Relationship Words That Build or Rebuild Trust” audios

To learn more about these words that really will work like magic in your relationship, and see an example in action, read this letter from Susie and Otto now.

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