Going All In For Life – Ready?

 2010 is fast becoming to an end — less than 12-hours left, actually, as I’m writing this post. So, by now, you’ve probably received a lot of advice about making (or not making) resolutions, plans for the New Year, and just being a more productive, value-driven person in general. Scratch that. I know you HAVE! […]

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What Would You Do if Your Income Disappeared?

Guest Post: By Simon Black What Would You Do if Your Income Disappeared? Would you be prepared? Do you have a plan? In the Age of Turmoil, many income sources that were considered ‘stable’ in the old system will be at risk; this includes retirement pensions, investment income, salaries and wages, and small business profits. […]

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Why People Have Money Problems

Recently we asked our paid-up Wealth Vault members to take a quick survey — one that would allow us to gauge where they’re at with their financial growth, what they want to see more, their mindset towards actually putting our investment research to use, etc. We weren’t surprised that we received several comments from members about […]

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From Victim to Persuader

Last week, Barry wrote a post talking about victimitis-thinking and how some people expect a handout when things are bad for them. It reminded me of our new weekly date-night viewing experience — the equivalent of taking in a movie, but without having to find a babysitter or parking, and without having to spend close […]

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Why ‘The Crowd’ Likes to Regulate Success

 About 3 weeks ago here, I threw out my appeal for thinking straight — for being the person who doesn’t sit back, ponder about life, and produce little of substance. I talked about how “talk” (in the form of the Washington-infused word HOPE) means nothing when it comes to increasing your monetary value (the post […]

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( Guest Post ) – Wile E. Coyote, Billionaire

If you’ve been a long-standing LWL blog reader, you probably recognize the name Roy Williams. He’s one of my favorite writers. He’s witty, sharp, eloquent, has a sense of depth about his intelligence, and knows the inner-workings of human nature in ways that 10 or more self-styled and self-labeled mind “gurus” couldn’t fathom (see his […]

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Real Motivation… and… Personal Breakthroughs

I’ve come across a very interesting video on how people perform with reward-based incentives. It really had an impact on me and while it may seem counter-intuitive at first, it makes perfect sense in the end. The way it’s animated is really quite awesome. I love this video and I hope you enjoy it too! […]

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( Guest Post ) – Let Ignorance be Your Advantage

by Roy H. Williams: Ignorant people aren’t stupid but merely uninformed; a marvelous advantage when you need a perspective from “outside the box.” The truly naïve are so thoroughly “outside” they’re not even sure what you mean by “the box.” When you consult specialists within your industry, you’re talking to the builders of the box, […]

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Robbins Raw!

If you have the very crippling belief that certain people — namely teachers, gurus, or mentors — should fit into some consenus mold when it comes to how they should talk (i.e., like the outdated notion that, for instance, a self-labeled LOA or spiritual coach should gently coddle her/his pupils), you’re in for an awakening. […]

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(Guest Article) One Bite at a Time

Barry came across this new blog post written by John Mylant, a trading coach that he follows. When we both read it, we felt that it highly resonated with the way we think, and what we teach (or, some would say, preach). Yes, we’re big on congruency. We’ve dissolved business partnerships, and personal partnerships, based […]

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