Mastering Mind Technology

Yesterday we told you about an interview that we were going to release today — a rare free full-length recording  — that delves into brain science and how you can unleash your inner GENIUS (yes, that’s an acronym… find out what it means in the interview).

Join me as I speak with Dr. Patrick K. Porter, best-selling author, keynote speaker, and the world’s “undisputed leader in mind technology”.

During this hour-long conversation you’ll discover:

>> What GENIUS stands for and how you can uncover your own genius…

>> How to tap into the one possibility of infinite choices that will bring you the outcome you want…

>> How to make the most of your meditation sessions…

>> The various ways science lets us boost our own efforts beyond what we can ever achieve on our own…

>> Why cutting-edge mind technology is the closest thing you’ll get to that elusive “magic pill”

>> How to be your own wizard in the Oz of your life…

>> How to get your hands on the technology discussed AND get a special unannounced gift from us on Wednesday (the link is given out at the end of the call, so you need to listen to get it)…

… and much more!

Press the play buttons below to listen in (only until Friday, April 10, when the recording will be coming down).

Part 1, Download Here ( right-click ) Or Listen Below:

Part 2, Download Here ( right-click ) Or Listen Below:


To download the FULL INTERVIEW, in .MP3 format,


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  1. Thank you Heather for the fantastic interview, some very useful information especially for us parents. I am very impressed. Kind Regards.

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