Reprogram Your Brain… As You Surf?

How much time do you spend at your computer every day? If you’re like us (and most people, for that matter), you can easily rack up several hours checking Facebook, doing Google searches, writing emails, and chatting. If you work on your computer, add another good chunk of the day to that. One recent study […]

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Overcoming Fear (or Whatever Else Holds You Back)

We all have fears. It’s just a natural part of life, and they’re meant to keep us safe. But we don’t need to have irrational fears, or fears that hold us back, or fears that stop us from living normal, everyday lives. Those types of excessive, paralyzing fears are not keeping us safe — they’re […]

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The Pursuit Of Pleasure

A few days ago, my Dad (a retired history professor and current archivist and heritage expert) emailed me an article called “A Footprint of Delight“. At first I was confused as to why; his explanation was: “I thought this might be of interest. It came to me in connection with a conference… We are trying […]

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Mastering Mind Technology

Yesterday we told you about an interview that we were going to release today — a rare free full-length recording  — that delves into brain science and how you can unleash your inner GENIUS (yes, that’s an acronym… find out what it means in the interview). Join me as I speak with Dr. Patrick K. […]

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