How To Attain Mind Mastery

Mind Mastery can only be achieved if you know the Truth, and live your life every day with that truth in the forefront of your awareness.

You can not master your mind if you’re a victim, if you hate, if you judge, if you “should on” others (or yourself, or the Universe) or if you find fault, worry, and hold onto your limiting beliefs.

But there’s good news… you CAN attain Mind Mastery if you only know how, and are willing to do what it takes.

Today we have for you a hidden gem, an article written by our friend and partner at, Jafree Ozwald.

It’s called “How to Attain Mind Mastery” and it’s a favorite that we’ve had in our own personal archives for a few years. Now we’d like to share it with you, at no cost.

Put aside some time to take this in fully, and absorb what’s being said. Your soul will let you know that Jafree speaks the truth… and that Mind Mastery can be yours too.

This revealing and empowering article is a must-read, and you can download it free in PDF format by LEFT-clicking this link.

NOTE: it will bring up the PDF in another browser window. From there, you can use the “Save As..” icon, on the PDF, to save it to your own computer, if you want.

SECRET GIFT: pay special attention to the top portion of page #1 on the PDF e-report.

Your Partners in the Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

Barry and Heather

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12 Responses to “How To Attain Mind Mastery”

  1. Very enlightening article there. Incredibly empowering and inspiring. I love it!

  2. Thank you Heather and Barry for letting us know about this article. Jafree’s insights and wisdom is amazing. I look forward to sharing it with my readers…


  3. I tried to download “How to Attain Mind Mastery 4 times, and each time I got a message that it had caused errors and Windows was closing the program.
    Can you give me a way I can download this without encountering this problem?

  4. Try to open it in your browser and click on the little icon that looks like a floppy disk on the top left.

  5. It was a pleasure to read this article by Jafree, an article that mirrors my thoughts exactly. As I shared in my testimonial (although I forgot to make mention of my website address therein), I completely concur with The Big Lie (both attachment to the ego as well as separation from the Infinite Source) that we have been fed in this current dreamstate for thousands and thousands of years.

    I am currently able to observe my own thoughts within a much increased state of detached neutrality. For the true power within to shine forth, the ego has to die. One, then, is resurrected. Perhaps this is what has been meant by the cryptic words – TO LIVE IN THIS WORLD AND YET NOT BE A PART OF THIS WORLD.

    Each individual must step out of the egoic consciousness in order to arrive at the place in which you speak. All of the individual fears, doubts, angers, jealousies and resentments contribute to the collective consciousness. In order to begin to change the collective, each one of us has a responsibility to mind such within ourselves, because this is how we are continuing to contribute to the collective.

    In reclaiming our power, This is the job we have been entrusted with.

    Thank you so much, Barry and Heather, for sharing this article with us.

  6. I too can not open the pdf and have tried to open it on the browser as stated above, is it possible to email me with the pdf?

  7. I received an error message as well saying that Adobe Reader 7 has encountered a problem and needs to close.

  8. I also received errors when trying to download. I was able to save the file by right clicking on the link and selecting “Save Target As”. I saved the file to my hard drive and I am able to open it without errors. I hope this helps others who are having a problem opening the file.

  9. I too encountered problems downloading “How to Attain Mind Mastery.” Is there another way of accessing this article?

  10. we face the reality that has multitude of faces, and our concrete situations my look as having nothing in common in the concrete. However, such “truth” heads us into the pitfall, meanwhile the Mind Mastery helps to recover from the pity for self and to discover the light again through the comprehension of what’s what. Thank you for the article . I rejoice over “How To Attain Mind Mastery” greatly indeed.. You put it clear- IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO KNOW THE TRUTH, BUT IT IS OBLIGATORY TO LIVE THAT TRUTH ON A DAILY BASE !!!
    That’s the key and the magical wand that changes the mud underfoot into the awe inspiring art colors that refresh and awaken – transform the tears into the joyful play with the sunbeam.

  11. One can attain mind mastery by detaching from the five mind passions -lust, greed, anger, vanity and attachment. When you decide to take responsibility for your own “beingness”, you will find that place within you where you can “casually observe” yourself as you do life. You must understand that it is you and you alone that chooses to “be” whoever or whatever that might be at any moment in time. You have free choice to change and/or make adjustments to your own beingness by making a better choice for yourself. You simply “be” that which you desire until you “become” that which you desire. All power from within is derived from, in and simply by, “being” and that, by definition is pure consciousness in action. Then you can use the mind instead of the mind using you.

  12. Thanks for staying in touch with me as I formatted my computer and lost a lot of programs. Everything you send is very inspirational and is affecting me in ways that I am realizing now as I find my self moving foward constantly. Truly life is without limits!

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