The Dark Night of The Soul

When I was a teenager, the one thing I dreaded (or feared) the most was leaving behind childhood friends in Southern California and starting a new life in, holy @#$%, the real South. Georgia, the Peachtree State, to be specific. My step-mother offered me a way out — a way to say “Sayonara” to some […]

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What Would You Do if Your Income Disappeared?

Guest Post: By Simon Black What Would You Do if Your Income Disappeared? Would you be prepared? Do you have a plan? In the Age of Turmoil, many income sources that were considered ‘stable’ in the old system will be at risk; this includes retirement pensions, investment income, salaries and wages, and small business profits. […]

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Earn More, Work Less, Enjoy Life!

This QUICK blog post is about YOU… … at least the part of YOU who dares to go beyond your own comfort zone and continually strive for new, expansive experiences in life. But, before we give you the details on what all this means, a big strong shout and cheer goes out to everyone in […]

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The Renegade Comic Genius

No we’re not fanatics of the color blue… If your browser displays the entire post below in DARK BLUE, please use FireFox to view it. The background of our blog displays WHITE in 90% of browsers. ♦  ♦  ♦ Last year, in May, we included a seemingly misfit person — someone no longer with us — on […]

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(( Video )) — Another “Screencast” Chat

We’ve got a view things to update you on… Some of it you may have heard us mention before, but we’re giving you more details today. Other parts are entirely new… And we hope you find it all compelling! We’ll tell you about a few websites and resources you’ll want to check out, and let […]

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