A Renegade Christmas Video Worth Your Time

Christmas means a lot of different things to different people. To your child, it might be about Santa Claus and sharing gifts with friends and family. To your neighbor, it might be about Midnight Mass and worshiping a chosen Messiah. To you, we hope it’s about joy, love and exciting expectations. The Christmas spirit is […]

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We Are Thankful for YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving! Traditionally this is  a holiday for giving thanks for the “good” things in your life; the abundance, the nourishment, the opportunities, the friends and family, the love. And in that spirit, Barry, I and the whole LWL Worldwide team would like to let you know that we’re thankful for YOU! Without our loyal, […]

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Are You Thankful for the “Bad” Stuff?

Typically in the personal development arena, we hear teachers driving home the message that you need to be thankful for the “good” in your life. They tell us: You’ve gotta “count your blessings.” You need an “attitude of gratitude” for what you have, because then you’ll attract more of it. And while those sentiments certainly […]

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(Video) The Problem With Gratitude

♦  ♦  ♦ As always, we’re here to help you “think” — to even cajole you, if needed, to really get you to KNOW how certain time-worn practices or approaches DO or DON’T add value (results) to your life. Certainly, tomorrow (at least for our readers in the U.S.) is the day that we’re accustomed […]

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Guiding the Soul Through an Enlightened Journey

Last night I went to a local meditation group, where 10-15 people get together each week, sit in a circle, share experiences, and connect with their souls. Barry and I attended together before, but this time I went alone. I arrived feeling a little drained, both physically and emotionally. And I walked away with more […]

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How Do I Thank Thee? Let Me Count The Ways…

For the past couple of days, at this blog, we’ve been telling you about the power of gratitude, and how you can incorporate it into your life to manifest more of what you want. We’ve shown you how being grateful, being thankful, and showing appreciation for what you have — and what you’re about to […]

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Giving Thanks And Getting Desires

Today in the United States, it’s Thanksgiving. Obviously, from the name, we know it’s about giving thanks… but the actual day is really not that important. In fact, I’ve spent my whole life up until now living in Canada, where Thanksgiving is celebrated more than six weeks earlier, on the second Monday in October. So […]

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How To Crank-up Your Happiness Meter

Here’s a powerful exercise, excerpted from the RESOURCES section of our multi-media manifestation portal, that is guaranteed to MOVE your “happiness meter” in the right direction: ( by the way, at the end of this email, there is a treat for you … but, read this EXERCISE first ) Dr. Martin Seligman, founder of the […]

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