A Mind Method… Monkey Business… 2 Renegades

As we transition out of this Friday the 13th into a weekend of fun, joy, relaxation, and yes, even productive work (hey, when you’re a home-based online entrepreneur, working is like play anyway), we have 3 recommendations for you. Read about them here…

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(( Video )) — Another “Screencast” Chat

We’ve got a view things to update you on… Some of it you may have heard us mention before, but we’re giving you more details today. Other parts are entirely new… And we hope you find it all compelling! We’ll tell you about a few websites and resources you’ll want to check out, and let […]

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J & J’s Secret “Success” Sauce…

We’re gonna go out on a BOLD limb (one supported in conversational substance — more on that in a second) by telling you what we think still perplexes you. You know… the annoying things you scratch your head at… or… the repeating stuff that you want an almost immediate solution for. Well, hey, “things” and […]

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FREE one-on-one Consultation… about…

….anything your heart desires ! …anything troubling you ! …anything you want to improve on (i.e., wealth, relationships, health, etc.) …anything about business, online marketing, or entrepreneurship. You NAME it — we’ll lend an ear and give you our best guidance, advice, resources, contacts — whatever it takes, over 30 minutes, to serve you to […]

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