Hand Up… or… Hand Out?

Tonight at 8pm, ABC will air its second Secret Millionaire episode. It’s a show some call inspiring, and others (those, possibly, with an eye for self-reliant behavior) call just interesting. In a very uncharacteristic move, I’m refraining from telling you the level of conviction I have for either side of the spectrum (er, for now!) 🙂 […]

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Where Duality Meets Non-Duality

♦ ♦ ♦ Okay, look… we have to address something here. Lots of comments have been coming in on Heather’s latest post on her blog, which is called The Raging Debate on the Spiritual Side of Avatar. Part of that debate, as has been highlighted by certain commenters (and also ones who responded to a […]

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Dissecting Avatar’s Message… and Renegade Wealth

Two quick updates today: The Gospel According To James: If, for some unforeseen reason, you haven’t seen the movie Avatar yet — and don’t want to know any aspects of the outcome — don’t read this latest article by Heather, because it contains some “extreme nutshell” spoilers. But if you have, or if you like […]

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Finally, a “Self-Growth” Movie That GETS IT!!

Via our inaugural 2009 opening post, “What Are You Going To Do Differently In 2009?,” we made a pretty assertive and opinionated statement (rightly so — yup, some opinions we adore): “Self-awareness comes about by understanding and embracing the things you fear most. We have community members who tell us they strive to FEEL a […]

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