(Video) Appreciating Your Relationships

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Every day at approximately the same time, Konan eats his lunch in his high chair. While I feed him at the edge of the kitchen, Barry is busy working away in his office, which takes up a good portion of where our Den, which is right next to our dining room.

So, obviously, we’re only about 20 feet away.

And since Konan really likes music while he eats — he’ll bop his head from side to side and drum on his table tray to make sure we know it — Barry plays him music from Yahoo’s Adult Alternative music station (hey, come on, ya think it has to be nursery rhymes and lullabies all the time?) 🙂

Yesterday during this time, a song came on that not only caused Konan to clap, drum his tray and “sing” along with me, but it gave me reason to pause and think, too.

The lyrics were a great reminder about how we should just let the petty stuff roll off our backs, and focus on the good in any relationship.

That’s not to say that we should ignore or repress the “downs” on the roller coaster ride of life, and only focus on the “ups”… it means that when the “downs” get us down, we can remember the “ups” to help us understand the amazing gift that we have, and that another up is coming, just a little bit further along the track.

Yeah, I know, you might be thinking, “Yes, Heather, I get that: always look on the bright side of life!”

But that’s not exactly the point. That, again, would be repressing the “dark” side of life.


The thing is, you can’t ride the roller coaster WITHOUT going down as well as up. We’ve talked about this many times: the yin and yang that keeps life in perfect balance.

And that’s why, when Barry found this video that goes with the song we heard, it made it even more perfect.

See, the imagery shows both sides of the coin, and that’s the best way to honor a healthy, ever-growing relationship.

Having a relationship that’s “happy,” we realize, doesn’t mean all walks in the park, and smelling the roses, as nice as those things are.

After all, how can we know how amazing those moments are without experiencing the opposite from time to time?

We would end up in a boring, stale relationship with no passion or excitement one way or the other. Trust me, I know… before Barry, I was there for many years.

So if you’re in a relationship — or want to be — watch this video, alone or with your partner, to honor the connection you have:

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But even though highs and lows are to be expected, there are still tweaks and improvements you can make to ensure that the highs are the best experiences of your lives, and the lows aren’t so devastating that they take the focus off what you have together.

Susie and Otto Collins are married partners who have been through very trying times in other marriages, and found their soulmates in each other.

They also discovered that soulmates can have issues, too.

And unlike many relationship teachers, they don’t sugar-coat reality and look at the world through rose-colored glasses. They have a grounded way of approaching life and love, and they balance physical and metaphysical techniques to make sure you get results.

Barry and I have both individually interviewed them, and had private conversations with them. They’ve always impressed us with what they do, and we can vouch for their approach, teachings, passion about making a difference, and ability to over-deliver with high-quality, informative content about all aspects of relationships.

Whatever your relationship challenges are — and if you’re in a relationship, chances are you have some challenges — Otto and Susie can help.

Take yours to the next level by tackling your biggest stumbling blocks here…

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