The ‘Love Now’ Music Video

Quite a departure from our standard long-mouth probing commentary — yes, we know we’re due for another Bill Maher-like post to provoke some thought… or, at least make your head shake.

For today, however, we’re just trying to open your heart.

So, let us know how you FEEL, by commenting below, about this video:

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17 Responses to “The ‘Love Now’ Music Video”

  1. I am commenting on the Love Now video. It’s very good and gets the message across. It is what our world has become today, and he gives good suggestions how to make some small changes so that we don’t become so consumed.

  2. I think your movie is brilliant………….. it needs to reach the right people……. at present it is talking to the converted……………..
    I wish you success in your endeavours………….
    you are both putting in a superb effort in all areas.
    Truly beautiful people…lovely to know you… well even if just on the computer!

  3. FABULOUS…thanks for the reminder of what is really important! Blessing to both of you…oops, all 3 of you!

  4. Hi Barry and Heather

    The music video was appealing musically, but the information from Abraham Hicks is how I think these days and it would say that what we think about grows and what we don’t think about diminishes so if we dwell on a world of lack, that lack will perpetuate but if we dwell on a world of abundance, that abundance will become the prevailing experience. One has to be selfish enough to place oneself in a high vibration by focusing only on what pleases us and its only by doing so that we will have anything to give 🙂

  5. Good one. Will pass it along.
    Unlike some clips like this, it stays on message and doesn’t fall into the trap of guilt-driven ‘compassion’. Love now, draws out the true compassion, the undefended heart. And that is more potent than any “solution” we might build with the mind. It is the inclusiveness that ends fear.

    Davidya’s last blog post..Divine Relationship

  6. the video presents the world as we have become with an idea on how to improve it. a world with love, hugs, risk, joy, smiles, reaching out, touching is a world in which people are connecting, truly connecting. i know i need this and i know that i do not always engage the world in this manner. this is a reminder, a kick in the seat to take the small things and change the one person i have the ability to change who is myself.

  7. If only we could post videos like this to the masses through commercials…this would be the commercial!!!

    Think of the impact of seeing this message daily.

    Awe-inspiring. Thank you.

  8. Oh, this is so beautiful it speaks out of my own heart. It is made in a very brilliant way, the music, the pics. What makes my heart really beating is that I think that is affecting and reaching also young people. this is the most touching think for me and I can exale deeply. As a mother I whant to give my children this message, what a impossible thing to do! Children and young people are free to do what they do and this is what they are endevouring to show us. And yet, I am very happy to send this jewel to young people just that they hear this unemotional message, it is clear and real. Thank you so much for giving myself pics, words, music.

  9. Recently we lost Michael Jackson and it hurt us badly. Michael had his faults and troubles, we all do. Looking at what he stood for, and the messages he poured his heart out to give us, like “Earth Song,” we can’t, we just can not ignore the pain and suffering going on in this world. Will we wake up? Probably not. We would all have to wake up together, at the same time, to make the changes in the world we must make before it is too late. I have been sad, in pain, for the world since I was a young child. I grew up with some of the most careless people I have ever known. They drank, drugged, had children, drank, drugged some more, some took their lives at a young age, my mother included, and left all of their children to figure out how to survive in this world alone and vulnerable. I found mentors and made a life for myself, but not without much suffering and more pain. Now how is what they did any different than what the people in the world, who are happy within their own world, are doing with the rest of the world? Many do turn their backs, close their eyes, give it to God, or whatever thay do. Some try to help, like Michael Jackson. It takes compassion, support, money, love, interest, and action to save ourselves. I took Sociology in college and was stunned at the results of a group experience we, as a class, shared. I would have loved to read every paper on the experiment when it was over. I got a good idea of how this world operates, and why we will not make it unless amazing and miraculous changes in all of us happen at one time all over the world. We would have to unite for the world. Will we do that? Can we? Maybe in our next lifetime. Maybe we will somehow remember what made us fail. Maybe we’ll have the chance to improve our awesome life force together next time. Maybe not. I hope we’ll find a way to connect and love one another because we really are one. Life would then become an experience that would last forever, continuosly re-made from our love force-a force so strong that miracles would continuosly happen and all the Earth would thrive in total bliss and gratitude. I think that we were meant to live in bliss, however, there are those who also argue that we would never know bliss if bliss was all there was. So, I am grateful for my life, the dark and the lightness of it all. I have learned so much. It’s the lightness of my life I try to focus on if I can, but I try never to forget those who came here it seems only to suffer. I don’t understand it all, and I think we all lack the knowledge that would end suffering forever. Maybe right now it is beyond us, and the future will find it’s way through to a world without suffering. I can only continue to be hopeful…….

  10. The message is real for today’s stress and challenges. But we don’t have to be bogged down by the negativity. We can choose to share our light and connect to anyone we see in easy and fun ways. Look how joyful he is. We can find joy too in the sharing at the moment. What a positive and light -filled energy he shows. Let’s have more of his joy. It sparkles and we can all use more sparkles and joy in this life.

  11. WOW – what a great message, and very powerfully produced. I’ll definitely share –
    Like the above poster said, preaching to the converted, I fear… but you never know what sharing with others will produce…

  12. A beautiful video, simply and eloquently stating LOVE – just do it.
    It brought tears.
    Thank you.

  13. Great video and message. Unfortunately most people are into themself, and don’t realize that love is a two way street. You only get love if you give it, and you don’t just give it to the ones you know.

    Rallie Rallis’s last blog post..Internet Marketer…Are You A Frustrated Marketer???

  14. I have seen this before and am very impressed with both the poetry message and the video. I think that ‘Abraham’ would totally approve (re:the comment above about dwelling on the negative…) The message is positive on so many levels and provides action directions, which makes it all the more positive. It raises our daily conscience and awareness of our potential.
    Thank you for sharing it.

  15. In the movie it looks as though he is very happy and this is good.He is trying to reach out to the millions who have lost their job and are possibly going to lose everything.They might not be able to reach out to someone and even say have a good day because they might have to move away from the city or town thay are currently living to low cost housing somewhere.But I know no matter how bad it gets I will never give up.

  16. Brilliant video, should be seen by everyone especially those in power and those who need to focus on what life is really about that includes me

  17. wow, i love this video thank you i agree with the comment we should see stuff like this on tv cause its sane and healthy. And the singer is totally amazing. Standing up there just being himself. Shining, cause we all shine when we are free.

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