Passive Income or Busting Loose

A couple of days ago we told you about a SPECIAL REPORT that ties right in with the passion-filled commentaries that have been pouring in on our blog post about formal education

But it’s much more than that!

This report contains some things that would make the average college graduate’s jaw drop, and their head shake in disbelief.

See, there are some things that “they” don’t want you to know about… and often those are the things that, if you knew you didn’t know them, would be the things you’d choose to learn first!

(But how can you know, right?)

Well, in this case we’re just gonna tell you about it!

As promised,  here’s our 10-page report titled “Passive Income Adventures” (just right-click and save the PDF to your computer).

Speaking of things that will make people’s jaw drop and their head shake, Robert Scheinfeld — the author and speaker who used to talk about manifestation, but now has gone beyond that with his teachings of Phase 1 and Phase 2 in the Human Game — has just come out with a new book called Busting Loose From the Business Game.

Of course, as expected, what he’s written about is completely unexpected! 😉

See, if you’re an entrepreneur or business person, or you’ve been working in any capacity, you’ve been playing what Robert calls “The Old Business Game”.

Just like a lot of “old ways” of doing things (like mentioned in the report above), that’s a losing way to play.

Robert’s new book is about finally winning, by playing “The New Business Game“.

> It’s rooted in metaphysics… likely on a different level than you’ve experienced before.

> It will shift your paradigm and your beliefs about what’s possible.

> It will help you out if you’re currently struggling.

> It will guide you do better if you’re currently doing okay.

> It will allow you have more fun if you’re currently doing well.

Basically, however you’re experiencing the Business Game now will become a much better journey after you read Robert’s book.

And if you buy the book this week only, you’ll get some extra tools from Robert that will support and guide you even more as you approach this New Business Game, and start playing to win.

Get your copy of Busting Loose From the Business Game, your “Busting Loose Fast Start Toolkit”, and more by reading Robert’s message here.

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