Lazy Wealth on Labor Day?

Labor Day honors labor and does so by allowing those who labor to take a day off.

But, wouldn’t if be nice if you didn’t need a sanctioned U.S. government holiday to find a reason — an excuse — to relax and enjoy life how and when you want?

If you’re still in a job that saps your energy, creativity, and passions away, it’s time to escape the rat race by implementing streams of income that come in with or without your effort at a J-O-B…

… Or, residual revenue flow without the need to sell, recruit, advertise, or talk to people.

Sound like a pipe dream?

 Actually, its becoming the reality for many, many of our members, who take advantage of the multitude of vetted IVs (Investment Vehicles) that Brad and I list inside The Wealth Vault.

When you have access to the right ideas, programs, and resources — orchestrated by people with the right ethics, purpose, and drive — things can turn for you financially on a dime.

One of those people who can help you achieve your money goals is Larry Oxenham, a.k.a. “Mr. Lazy Wealth.”

He’s a regular, everyday ambitious person who, probably just like you, knows that it’s way more fun to design a life than just ‘get by’ making a living.

Yup, he’s a real person who researches unique biz-opp angles that don’t require a lot of tense business maneuvering. He writes to his readers with passion about his life, and calls things like he sees it.

When it comes to relying on specialists to help his subscribers find ways to GROW money, using nothing other than money, here’s what he has to say:

“This service has already paid for itself over and over with me. We will not recommend any passive cash-flow program on our own as long as we have The Wealth Vault. We are not, as you know, experts in investing but we are pretty good at picking people who are in business for all the right reasons.

“Two such people are Barry Goss and Brad Wajnman. Barry has been involved in specialized investments for years. He researches like crazy and finds good opportunities others miss out on. And Brad has been masterful in non-traditional investments. Together they are an unbeatable pair.

And their web based program, The Wealth Vault, is an insiders’ informational and educational subscription service bringing you researched information from experts who make their living investing their own money. You will never be pushed to a program, told to invest in anything or otherwise feel pressure. You will be presented opportunities you can evaluate and choose according to your comfort level.

“We believe you will enjoy the information behind the scenes, the availability of quality responses to your questions and the potential for great returns. You can enroll either for the annual plan — the most cost effective — or on a quarterly plan to try it out.

“We have been members for some time and have learned this information is just not available anywhere else… This may be the single most valuable subscription you will ever enjoy.”

Like us, Larry figured out a long time ago that when it comes to talking about ideas, it’s WHAT you know that counts… but, when it comes to making money in uncommon and extraordinary ways, often it’s WHO you know that is more important!

Our WV Unconventional Portfolio brings you some of the most unique ways to create Set It And Forget It income streams, using nothing other than available investment capital; capital that is always under your control (accessible by no one but you), but managed by some of the most successful traders, with proven LONG-TERM track records.

And, our membership fee is a drop in the bucket compared to the level of research you’ll have immediate access to. 

If  beyond-Wall-Street returns, wealth building, money management, and asset protection is important to you — and you’re interested in going beyond mainstream beliefs about how to employ your money — we encourage you to seriously consider what we  have to offer here…

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