“If We Open It, They Will Come” (Business Narcissism)

We live in one of the nation’s most idyllic towns — a small Southern Oregon jewel that is surrounded by some of nature’s greatest wonders.

It’s protected by 360 degrees of small mountain peaks, and one of the most majestic rivers flows through the heart of it.

We say it’s small because, while we’re in one of the west coast’s most desirable tourist and retirement areas, it’s still only about 30,000 people deep.

Here, it’s easy to see what type of businesses can sustain revenue. After all, this little town has no industry, no major corporations, and no extra demand for something that has already been achieved.

For instance, one of the Rogue Valley’s largest and most amenities-rich workout clubs — which includes a full-sized pool, therapeutic pool, hot tub, saunas, steam rooms, six racquetball courts, a gymnasium, free weights and cardio machines galore, a Pilates center, an aerobics classroom, a kids’ zone, a world-class spa, a gymnastic training center, a climbing wall, and even a NASA inspired GyroGym™ — is located here.

It alone, with over 40,000 square feet of space, can accommodate not only the percentage of people who would use it in our town, but in two adjoining towns. And, this club even has a main competitor on the other side of town. It too has a unique value proposition, but different in approach and offerings.

Yet, over the last three years, we’ve seen three other small gym operators attempt to creep up. Two have gone bust, and one is still struggling.

But,  to our mouth-dropping amazement yesterday, as we were walking around downtown, we saw a sign for a NitroFitness, with three people inside slaving away at the drywall.

It’s mind boggling, from the perspective of two people who continue to wonder if  “strategic” and “critical” thinking is a lost art.

But, it’s not that we roll our eyes at their desire, ambition, and hope to get ahead… it’s that we wonder if they even know there’s a better way.

A better way to earn money, that is, a) without needing to break ground in a business where two key companies have a practical monopoly and b) without the expense of large retail space and onsite overhead.

So, since we’re about finding LEVERAGE in most of what we do, this reminded us of an article, written in 1970, that is probably even more imperative to read now than when it was written.

“The Ideal Business” ( PDF )

Download it now. If you’re currently in business, or are thinking about it, this is a MUST READ short PDF.

And pass it along to any friend, family member, or acquaintance who believes that just because they have an interest, knowledge, and passion for something, it must mean customers will come flocking to their door.

This notion — that way too many people dive into something without research or a competitive edge — shouldn’t be much of  a stretch, either. We all have seen way, way, way too many restaurants come and go, all because… well, the proprietor thinks that people have to eat, and his establishment has food and a sign on the window.

Ohhhhh booooy… time for a check up from the neck up.

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  1. Yeh……….. I would like to find the recipe for getting more customers to a cafe…………

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