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nuts-and-bolts how-to's...


2-Interview Set Package


"10 Laws For Living A Life of Abundance"

While you are waiting on your Sonia Choquette CD to arrive in the mail, gain INSTANT ACCESS to this critically acclaimed interview with Terri Levine

A 1-hour, 46-minute conversation that has received tons of positive feedback from listeners!

A guaranteed winner that will lift you up to incredible heights with proven tools that immediately increase your personal and professional abundance.

The Sonia Choquette CD gives you the information you need to learn how to free your authentic spirit and begin living a life of joy, wholeness, and personal empowerment.

Now you can discover how to tune into the abundance the Universe wants you to have. The tools and techniques are here for opening yourself upto receive the incredible life the Universe is trying to give you.

Sonia's work focuses on primarily two things: #1) helping people understand that they, in fact, not only have six senses, but need them, and #2) showing people how to wake up their sixth sense while listening to their "guides" help answer the most basic questions: What am I here to do? What is my karma? What is my purpose?

The Terri Levine MP3 provides the no-compromise steps you MUST take in order to increase your personal and professional productivity and abundance.

As an internationally recognized life coach, motivational speaker and bestselling author, Terri Levine has helped countless individuals reach their seemingly impossible dreams by showing her student how to focus on the person who matters most: themselves.

She is known as "The Wisdom Wizard"… and she proves why in this conversation. Terri reveals the simplest, most effective methods for producing downright unbelievable results in your life. You'll be treated to many, many powerful techniques in this interview.

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"LWL has given me access to a group of people that can contribute to my well being without the BS. Thanks, I enjoy the candid insights and hope to be a shining example of what's possible by hanging with the right company." — Walter Wiggins


"I would like to take a moment and thank you for all the messages, reports and interviews that I've heard so far. I feel you two are the most influential, believable and informative people I've heard. You seem to make more sense than the rest of the 'herd' of those in the self-improvement and enlightenment areas of expertise. You have already had a profound effect on my life so far, which will continue to change and evolve thanks to your efforts. I don't usually send emails like this, but I felt compelled to send this one." — Mike Martin, UK

Here's a sampling of what is revealed in this
2-Interview Set Package:

From the Sonia Choquette CD:

The unique ability you were born with that society has tried to destroy – BUT it’s not too late to rediscover the sleeping power that will set you free. (7:22)

How to overcome the toxic energy so prevalent today – easy, surefire techniques to feed your spirit and rise above negativity… the path to the ultimate you! (14:35)

Why most people’s spirits have completely left their body… and the one thing you MUST do to get your spirit back – the most revealing insight you’ll ever hear about how to find peace in the present moment. (21:48)

How you DON’T have to get out of your body and fly around the heavens to be enlightened – finally, this “erroneous notion” is put to rest. (23:02)

Is there really a right and wrong way to pray? No matter what your spiritual beliefs, this revealing insight will hit a deep chord within you… you may never look at prayer the same way again! (23:25)

The 3 steps to harmonious living – how to immunize yourself against all the negative intrusions that bombard you daily by following this simple plan. (25:08)

What’s your purpose in life? Everybody seeks the answer to this question… and the answer may surprise you – if you think you’re here to save the planet, you’ll want to hear this! (25:33)

How to fulfill the need EVERBODY has to create (even if you don't think you're creative) – feel tons of pressure instantly lifted as your mind is set free. (29:38

How to bring opportunities beyond your wildest dreams into your life – it’s like resetting your life and starting over from a place of ultimate contentment. (40:17)

The shocking future we are catapulting towards – there are major changes on the horizon… but humanity’s destiny may be the exact opposite of what you think. (44:30)

The secret animals are trying to tell you – they provide you with two specific things… and when you understand what they are, you’ll feel something incredible growing inside you. (51:48)

Why you can finally STOP worrying what others think of you – it’s a life-long struggle for everyone… you’d never guess that knowing one simple fact could make all the difference in the world. (57:05)

How to unlock your intuitive super-power – most people never find this hidden energy lying dormant within them… here are 3 techniques to unveil your ultimate energy. (1:06:11)


From the Terri Levine MP3:

The two things that you absolutely must match up within yourself to know you’re on the right path. Very few people pay any attention to this… even though it’s so critical to living a life of abundance! (11:03)

One of the single biggest traps preventing you from succeeding beyond your wildest imagination. If you want to remain blocked off from everything you can achieve… go ahead and ignore this one. (17:35)

What you should carry with you every minute of the day so you don’t miss the gifts the universe sends your way. It’s so easy… it doesn’t make sense not to do it! (18:54)

The less you focus on this one specific thing, the easier money will flow to you. If you’re chasing the idea of getting rich, you’ve got it all wrong… the road to guaranteed wealth is far different than you might think. (23:35)

The critical first step you should take TODAY to manifest abundance. It’s based on the most important Law of Abundance… and you can’t afford to put it off another day. (24:15)

How to get rid of the mental garbage preventing you from living the ultimate life. It involves breaking some rules… but not the kind of rules you’re probably thinking of. (29:23)

When you find yourself doing this, you should literally say, “STOP”… and make a simple change.  You’ve probably already had this self-constricting thought multiple times today… and it’s an absolute progress killer! (33:02)

Why you may not know what you really want. It sounds crazy, but your “surface desires” could be lying to you. Now you can learn to identify your true desires… and draw abundance to you like a magnet. (38:52)

The meaning of “bridge belief” and how it can rid you of thoughts that block abundance from entering your life. It’s an awesome, little known technique for making lasting changes deep inside yourself. (42:51)

The incredibly easy step you can take to immediately feel lighter mentally, physically and spiritually. You’re going to laugh when you hear this one… but it never fails to produce results that allow more abundance to immediately rush into your life. (45:16)

How the Law of Attraction is so often misunderstood. If you believe just thinking about something will manifest it for you… you’re in for a rude awakening. Don’t you think it’s time to finally learn how the Law of Attraction really works? (49:18)

How to use the power of your subconscious mind to manifest anything your heart desires. The subconscious works against you most of the time… but every single human being has the ability to take charge of their subconscious and make it work for them. Here’s how… (55:11)

The essential key to abundance in every part of life… unfortunately, most people TOTALLY miss the boat here. The Law of Attraction absolutely relies on this… and if you’re not doing it, everything else you’re doing is completely meaningless! (58:40)

The law that nobody wants to talk about – it affects your wealth, relationships, spirituality, and health. A critical law for understanding how you actually invite bad things into your life. (1:05:26)

Why affirmations can do more harm than good if done incorrectly… and unfortunately, many people are doing them completely wrong. STOP repeating empty words… start your day knowing your desires will manifest! (1:15:47)

The high-impact, easy to use tool that triggers a tidal wave of abundance. When you get this one, you’ll find pleasure in every moment of every day... you will be amazed at what comes to you. (1:18:36)

An incredibly fun and powerful approach to life that will skyrocket your self-confidence and enable you to manifest like never before. It will leave you saying, “There is no such thing as a bad hair day”… in fact, with this technique there is no such thing as a bad day! (1:41:36)


"I gotta tell you that of all the hype on the internet regarding personal growth, manifestation and inner development ad naseum — you guys make the most sense."
Amie Mitchell


"Hi Barry and Heather. I would just like to take this opportunity to thank both of you for all this wonderful insightful information in regards to the Laws of Attraction. It is always healthy to hear so many different insightful views on this. And of course you both seem to ask all the right questions. Sometimes as I listen a question will come to me, and just at that moment one of you will seem to ask it. I guess that is what you call an Ah-ha moment. Blessings to you both" — Debbie Thompson


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BONUS #2( RECORDED CALL ) 60-min "T.A.L.K. Series" Coaching. In this interview call, you can listen in to a great coaching session with one of the world's top business experts. As part of their T.A.L.K. Series (The Application of Learnable Knowledge), our friends Liz and Ric Thompson, founders of Small Business CEO Magazine and New Order Business School, are offering an incredible training session with John Assaraf.

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* The 3 laws of compensation and why they're critical for your business

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* What the highest level of work is — and why you should be doing it

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BONUS #3( SPECIAL REPORT ) How To Make Lots of Money During a Recession. While everybody else is huddled in their house, eating Ramen noodles for the fifth time in a week, and whining about when "the economy is finally going to turn around", with the right information you can make the most of the recession, and generate lots of money. We've compiled three reports that'll show you how to adjust to the economic changing landscape and leverage the opportunites that are available, if you know where to look.

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